The moon lit up faces of other politicians, pop stars, and Disney characters leaving behind a yellow tint as we passed them. Each jack-o-lantern we walked by had hard and unchanged faces coated with a layer of frost. My ears are barely holding up the beard that could of went with any costume, but Jesus was the choice for tonight. The poorly conditioned entanglement of brown hair, about to my shoulders, needed to be combed to make my costume slightly more obvious. The dark blue, fleece bathroom robe, wig, and sandals made people think I was the Dude from The Big Lebowski, but sometimes claiming that costume helped my situation when I entered a party with hardcore atheists. Tom, who had a giant inflatable tube around his waist, did a fantastic job of directing everyone to the next house party as he coordinated the night. My exposed feet felt like bricks. With each step I took I sent a sharp pain through the rest of my legs, but Tom reassured everyone that our last destination would be down the street. His brother, Nick the wizard pointed his staff towards the house’s direction almost whacking other party-goers passing us, confirming that was the place.

The two-story house had a porch with at least 10 stairs that creaked with every step and old walls that did a bad job of containing the music. The door we approached had a watchman posted in front of it. “Who do you know?” uttered the large figure. “Kevin” said Tom, the watchman ushered us in. I was hit with a smell mildew and tobacco. After sitting down and playing cards for a while, the dancefloor called my name. While doing high-knees to the living room of the house, I feel two thuds on my shoulder. “Hey, its Amanda, Lindsay’s friend. she sent me”. I was surprised someone I never met knew what I looked like. Oh great, now I have my girlfriend sending spies to watch over me. I had to escape. I wonder through the house exploring rooms. Luke, my friend, who was too short to be Jason Voorhees, walks out of the last room I notice. Out of curiosity, I cautiously walk in the room with my head extended past my shoulders. The long, curly hair hangs down as I tilt my head to see the entirety of the room. I walk in.

The holes in the wall and stained white paint I noticed raised questions, so I tip toe to the wall in front of me. I put my left eye up to the softball sized hole, then I begin to feel pressure on the wood beneath me. I turn around and see six or seven people enter the room. The door slams behind them and the people situate themselves on the bed with one person standing and one person leaning on an old dresser. I get out of my crouching position and slide to the closed door. As I walk closer to freedom, a man dressed as a cop scoots the sliding lock shut. “Can I leave?” I said, the fraudulent cop quickly said “no”. I sit in the corner closest to the door as I observe the group of characters. A silver plate is then removed from a black Jansport backpack. A white powder covered the entire plate and I knew the substance wasn’t pixie dust, so I begin to tamper with the lock to intimate my escape. The jingle from the lock caught the cop’s attention, “you better not leave”, Captain America chimed in, “yeah, you’re going to watch us do coke”. What a nightmare. I look over at Pocahontas, who was shaking just as much as me, accompanied by a lumber jack. The plate made its way to the bed where they sat. The lumberjack was coaching Pocahontas and before I could hear another snort, I look away. After trying for several minutes to escape, I make my way back to the hole in the wall. The cop slid the empty plate in the backpack ending their session. The door finally unlocked. I run out and find my friends and tell them what happened. As we gather our things, we head to the front door and before I stepped foot out of the house, I run into in the cop. He greets me with a handshake and says “welcome to Pullman”. “Thanks?” I said hesitantly as I escaped his grip. Halloween would not be the same as some monsters we dress as during our childhood carry on with us through our lives.