Something big is coming. In a short while, I will complete a large project, bigger than anything I’ve written before. Below is a a taste of the story I will be writing. Enjoy the preview 😛

The red light grew in size. The thick color it produced covered the entire sky. John’s eyes refused to open, but did after the third attempt to separate his eyelids. The light felt oddly familiar to John. After a few more flashes, the light died out. John stood up in utter confusion and immediately collapsed back to the ground. The trees that surrounded him dripped black dew and sap. A fog began to creep into John’s vision. Owls were very alive that night as they howled aggressively. Once John felt enough energy course through his body, he got to his knees and began crawling towards the dying light. His knees rubbed against the cold snow creating several cuts and gashes on his pale legs. He noticed that his left pant leg had been torn off from the rest of the pants, but nothing deterred him from his mission to find out the origins of the light. Any information would satisfy John at this point. Being inches away from the light. John reached towards it. His fingertips slid across the dome-shaped object as it sent an electrical charge through his hand. The small object had “Help” written on it, with small, child-like font. The interaction lasted seconds, not enough time for John to come to any logical conclusions. A wild animal of some sort rushed across the tight quarters John was in and knocked him over. The light he was holding fell to the ground and broke. The thing that hit John that night created numerous questions from friends, family, and locals for years on end. The way John described the animal and the night left many confused to the type of creatures roaming the woods of Little River, Washington. His day hike turned into two days stranded in the wild. The only thing that mattered to John was what he thought truly happened the nights of April 27 and April 28, 1993.