Who is JMAC?


My name is Jesse McDaniel and I am proud to say I am from good ol’ Washington. The green inferno, the beautiful Pacific Northwest! I have always been considered strange for viewing my environment slightly differently, but as I grew up, I used those observation skills to my advantage. I completed the Teacher Certification Program with the specialty of English Language Arts. My deep love for creating and writing has steered me towards English Education and I have been loving it ever since my enrollment. Being a High School Language Arts Teacher, I am a lover of English and collector of new vocabulary words. I love to travel and gain new knowledge and perspectives from different people. I am here to share my insight of the world through my creative expression and random entries. I try to make sense of this interesting and beautiful world every day and hope you are along for this journey and dream I will continue to grow and nurture. I hope to hear about your dream as well. Take a look at my writing and explore! Please contact me any time – jessemcdaniel123@gmail.com – I would love to collaborate with artists alike. If you want to put your creative mind to use contact me and let’s work.

Peace & Love,

Jesse 🙂