Take Me Away, Today.


I go, I want to go —

Can you take me



I go, Can it be so?

Please, don’t go: stay.

Keep me in place.



Make me pave my way.

Can I go? Who will I face?

I want to go, take me


Help me, I wish to go

to a place unknown.

Take me


to a better place.

Take me



I can’t stay.

The More You Know

I love you, you know that?

I think about you often.

I hope you know

my life you softened.

I am not as sad

as I was before.

I know what I had,

but I wanted more.

I can see clearly;

I am not afraid

as my past I bury

on the ground, I lay.

I can’t help to know

this life so vast.

I love you as I go

for as long as I last.

A Thoughtful Marathon

I think back to the times we had

Finding the source of what makes me sad.

I remember bits and pieces of us:

Memories I can’t completely trust.

I feel this pain cut so deep:

Haunting memories that won’t let me sleep.

I forget some things, but I remember most.

I still remember… that’s why I coast.

I can’t seem to break this thought

And what we had can’t be taught.

Your shadow casts as this pain lasts.

I run away to only see you;

I can’t escape no matter what I do.

I keep on running until I’m free

knowing these thoughts will never leave.

Note to Self

Life vs. Death,

Light vs. Dark.

Up vs. Down,

Never vs. Now.

Pain vs. Joy,

When vs. How.

So much weight

must be balanced.

Life as we know it


So much to consider

in all our years.

So much to learn.

So little time.

I get so lost

between each rhyme.

I must find a way

and make it mine.

Before we depart,

just know I’m fine.

Life, Love, and All Of The Above

Love life and its light.

Love life alright.

Live, laugh, and love.

Leave nothing.

Be something.

All the Above.

Be alive,

don’t break stride.

Push through.

You never knew

what you could do.

Smile, cry, and love.

Practice all of the above.

Be what you weren’t


Don’t forget to love.

Enjoy life.

Enjoy the journey.

Start your fire

And watch it burn.

Enjoy the flame.

Be glad you came.

Live, Live, and Live.

Be happy.

Love from the core.

Do all of the above

And nothing more.