Kid’s Corner

What’s up, guys! So, I want to start a part of my website featuring young people’s writing. If you have children or know of children who want their work featured/posted on a frequently viewed website/blog at no cost at all, let me know. You can DM on here or email me at Please spread the word or share this post. I want to give young writers a chance for their work to be seen by the world and I have a platform to help. I will call it “Kid’s Corner”. I will of course give credit. I cannot wait to see what becomes of this! To view the website and to get a feel for how the work might look, check out #WriteOn


Life has been good! Yesterday was my 23rd birthday (May 28, 2018) and I received the worst sunburn of my life. Ya boi was on a boat. I am at a good point in my life. I have several big events coming up; I have 2 graduations (Mine, at CWU, and the High School Seniors) to attend and many new places to go. I am still writing poetry and doing what I can to stay the person I am. I am still making music as often as I can. 23 and still growing. I have had quite the experience in college and I have loved my first year of teaching. It has been very hard being this young and influential, but I am happy to help the students become better versions of themselves. Going straight from student teaching to a full-time job has been difficult, but the memories I have made has put me in a position where I am always growing. I love my friends, family, and challenges that surround my life. Big things are happening and you bet my dream is manifesting.

Peace and love,

Jesse McDaniel


As the days have passed, I have thought more and more about my future. The more I think about my life, the more I run my thoughts into circles. I often think about the future and what is to be. When I think too far ahead, I feel bad because I know I am not living in the present. I have accepted that my future is bright, although I do not know how my career will go or how I will apply my degree. All I know is that I have to be so thankful for how much I have progressed over my entire life, particularly my college experience. As I reflect I have a greater appreciation for the trials and tribulations I have experienced. There were so many times where I have thought about giving up, but I always thought about just “finishing”. Now that I am almost “finished” with what I have wanted to achieve, I must not think about my future, but be happy that I have grown.