Fire fills the city,

smoke fills the sky.

Shattered windows and hopes

Cover the ground

built on lies.

Eyes fixated on rubble

As feet stomp through

an unknown struggle.

Marching together

But in separate bubbles.

Looking for peace

But causing trouble.

Raising flags and fists

Reading different signs

Strong in a belief that fits

a different era and time.

Embracing the changes

Expanding the lines of wisdom.

Breaking out of pre made cages

Devoloped by a one man’s kingdom.

High hopes fill the air

surrounding lowered eyes,

For love is created to share

When the world loses size.

Frozen tears

Below the line, it’s not fair,

In height, both cold and cruel,

Relentless with its bite and care,

Attacking friends and fools.

Water falls at a pace so quick

One must not blink to notice,

But as each tear freezes

Time stops for a moment.


Feeling down for reasons unknown
Fed up with pressures surrounded
Stuck in a mind of your own
Knowing each memory is counted
Stomach pressed and squeezed
Living the days with a straight face
Wondering if others are pleased
And truly happy in their place.
Wondering. Thinking. Wishing
For something more meaningful
With motivation and desire missing
Bodies are left with starving souls.
The brain can say what it wants
Almost like a separate entity;
The eyes feed the brain
and should not be enemies.
Believe what you see and
Paint the picture fitting
How valuable life is, man?
There is no bidding.


The smallest darkness juxtaposes light

Exisiting, utilizing its polar opposite.

Following close behind in the night.

Inching closer to us, the true cause of it.

Mimicked and mocked, I continue to move

Regardless of the broken half of me

Dragging along with nothing to lose

…But time

And no ears to hear nor eyes to see.

Through each journey, the darkness is there

Tapping my shoulder, reminding the body

Of a time

more difficult and and unclear

Of a time

When feelings hurt and no one saw me.

Nothing is alone on a earth with billions of lives

Especially when shadows commit to a reveal

Those who foil a dark history with bright times

Found life in a shadow in which they appeal.

Each mountain climbed strengthens it’s figure,

Every emotion and thought sinks into its shape.

Growing stronger each day to the body it lingers.

Connected to out heels, never early or late.

It knows

How we feel and what we say

How to be with us when we are stray.

But who caused this darkness attached to our hip?

Was it us or the environment in which we breathe?

Why does it feels like oversized cargo on a ship?

Whomever it is, it’s a part of me until the earth I leave.


Stuck, in the same seat many others

Are familiar. Confined to a lane created by

Those before us. Hands gripped, tightly around

A leather circle. Many signal and orchestrate

Cars around them as if surrounding cars

were trained musicians. Inching forward with

Anticipation and slight remorse. But I’m not

Alone in this course. Sweat falls from faces

Onto White collars, onto car mats costing

Too many dollars. Hearing too many hollars.

Another inch closer. But to what? Where?

Switch lanes if you dare. Use a blinker.

Do not linger. Move. One inch closer.

You’re almost there. Look back rarely.

“You remember how you got here?”

Asked by a passenger. Idk. Barely.


Falling can hurt if you are not careful                         

The hard ground welcomes those who have big hearts      

Red empty skies filled with those who are careful      

Pieces of souls  carried  away in carts

We create a fire that  burns forever                             

Inside  of us, that only we  can feel                               

Once too hot, we might not cool down, ever

But it’s the warmth we seek, love we reveal                

Be careful as  someone can put fires out

For some the cold needs to for sure occur     
There are people like that out and about                    

I now know that because I have met her


Love is a game  where some  people  will lose            

But the world looks better in pairs of twos                


For why must you need me to work at all?

Hiding in fear that you might not be used

Now I’m away, insisting that you call

Outside I’m fine, but my heart is now bruised

Someone else played you with the slightest care

Your soul is damaged because of abuse

From being complete to having no air

The machine is broken, bolts are now loose

I try to turn you on, but I can not

You glowed green before the years of torment

Your system was left on for now it’s shot

Safe to say that our time was very well spent

Now you’re dead with the circle in your eyes red

I send you away for my Xbox is dead