The Lost City

I’ve been to many places
and nothing seems like home.
I’ve seen old and young faces
Reliving memories as I roam.
The city was great-
as well as its people,
but it’s too late
for the city lost soul.
Spirits became weak
in the city;
We lost our way through the years.
How I feel seems to be fitting
as the truth quickly became my fears.
The city soon fell;
Locals had to move away.
What is left are the stories I tell;
I will find another city someday.


Life has been good! Yesterday was my 23rd birthday (May 28, 2018) and I received the worst sunburn of my life. Ya boi was on a boat. I am at a good point in my life. I have several big events coming up; I have 2 graduations (Mine, at CWU, and the High School Seniors) to attend and many new places to go. I am still writing poetry and doing what I can to stay the person I am. I am still making music as often as I can. 23 and still growing. I have had quite the experience in college and I have loved my first year of teaching. It has been very hard being this young and influential, but I am happy to help the students become better versions of themselves. Going straight from student teaching to a full-time job has been difficult, but the memories I have made has put me in a position where I am always growing. I love my friends, family, and challenges that surround my life. Big things are happening and you bet my dream is manifesting.

Peace and love,

Jesse McDaniel

Reign, Reign, Go Away

The people have spoken; They’re not pleased –
They feel as if they’re not worthy.
The people are hopeless as their voices cease.
The people who reign are blind to the hurting.

The common person, the 99 percent,
smiles and suffers in strange ways.
High above, from where rain is sent,
an elite person creates the maze.

High on top is a life of comfort,
a place only some can go.
High on top, away from the dirt,
thunder reigns down to and fro’.

Under your reign, you create the poor
that leaves people asking for more.

Road to Nowhere

The road stays long no matter my speed.
Everything goes wrong for those in need.

The road shows no mercy to those hurting;
It doesn't freeze those who are burning.

The road is driven and often abused.
Many drive the road with a life to lose.

The road was made by a fearless soul
crafting diamonds out of coal.

The road to nowhere is always open
And never is the way we are hoping.

A Hollow Tomorrow

I will live today with thoughts of tomorrow;
How I am feeling can change in a minute.
I continue to walk as my memories follow
and they will not stop unitill I am finished.

I push on as I fight these demons-
I do not show the scars I have.
Tired and confused, I find the reasons
for why I let these feelings pass.

Today is the day: Yesterday was too.
I waited and waited to see the sun.
Blinded by the light in a sky so blue,
I close my eyes before the day is done.

I have 24 hours before my body reboots,
before I have to start anew.
I see growing flowers and hanging fruits,
reminding me of the things I can do.

I feel so strange, I must accept it.
There is nothing I can do but let it be.
I wander for hours to a place I fit:
to a place where my worries run free.

Today I am feeling the way I should
and I must take it for what it is.
I would not change it if I could
because what I am feeling might be missed.

It is a new day:Time passed on
and how I was completeley went.
I accept these feelings before they're gone;
I value the day with no money spent.

What I am feeling will go away -
I must not dwell all that long.
These feelings of mine do not stay
as tomorrow plays a different song.

Birds on a Wire

There we are – hanging in the balance,
talking about the struggles we face.
High in the sky, we search for solace
and make each other slow the pace.

I do not know how I got here,
but I know it is best for me.
High in the sky, I show no fear;
I stay in a place that is so free.

We all suffer from different pains
and how we continue is a mystery.
We all look at people and at things
and make sure to impact history.

The flight I traveled has taught me
how to love no matter the weather.
The life I have lived made me see
it may get bumpy, but it gets better.

Birds on a wire, we chirp away
to remind each other how to love.
Birds on a wire, we face the day;
and bless skies with sounds from above.

Smile Through the Pain

How do you feel when you stop and think?
Do you have time to notice the pain?
Are you able to float after you sink?
What do you do to keep yourself sain?

The day grows long and so does this journey.
I do not know which direction I am going.
I acknowledge my feelings first in the morning
so I can control the emotions I am showing.

The day goes on, but my feelings stay;
It's impossible to keep them away.
Darkness creeps in the sunniest days
and can silence any words I say.

I will smile, but it may take awhile.
I have to find the source of this pain.
Give me an inch so I can take a mile
cuz' along the way, so much can change.