Watch the Clock

Pay attention and narrow your vision
and see only things you wish to see.
Narrow your focus: What are you missing?
Allow your vision to let things be.

Don’t stare too long, you might miss out
on life passing by your very face.
You may not know what will come about;
You must think hard about your fate.

Live in the moment and feel alive.
Time is something that doesn’t expire.
When times get tough, you must climb
to the very top and out of the fire.

Be true to yourself, you can count on that.
You must focus on what you control.
Count your blessings: just not too fast;
the glass can wait to be half-full.

Don’t be late: don’t watch the clock.
You just might miss your chance to shine.
When the time comes, please don’t talk
and watch yourself turn out fine.

Sleeping in

I have slept in, missing the sun,

I excuse the fact I don’t see morning.

Pain crept in when I was done:

before my dreams started forming.


By the time I wake, I make a mistake

and start to feel bad for my self.

I face my self, taking my mind away

to a place that seems to always help.


I sleep away my day to dream of change.

My eyes stay shut as my mind opens.

I enter my mind and set the stage

and try to feel the way I was hoping.


I sleep in only to waste my day

in a quiet state and a single place.

When will I wake, what will I say?

I rise to my feet at an easy pace.

Gene(ration): Me

Years pass by before my eyes.
I am not ready to say goodbye.

I have lived a hundred times.
I still believe that I am fine.

I think about life’s unknowns
and other ways to find my home.

I start to think about the past
to only realize that I won’t last.

My face reveals a winded tale
and shows eyes that I am frail.

Years pass by with many generations
as the youth grows to be a nation.

As I pass through life I pass on genes,
so I can create a generation’s dream.

No Worries

Heavy air leaves my mouth,
As I sigh and wonder ‘why’.

I deflate my chest before looking south;
I breathe so heavy up toward the sky.

I wonder and worry, but I’m in no hurry.
Time became rough, but I remain tough.

I sigh and I weep until the hour I sleep.
I feel so bad: the worst feeling to have.

I push on through this life so steep;
This breath I take won’t be my last.

I swim these waters blue and deep
And navigate unknowns without a map.

I aim and miss but still shoot for bliss.
I stumble and stare thru the thin air.

Broke and beat, I never take a seat
I worry a lot but I avoid defeat.

Take away my worries and all of my fears:
Remove my worries for the rest of my years.

A-Loan (uhh-loh-nnn)

Can you leave me a loan?
I could use the help tonight.
I need a friend who I can phone:
to keep me company until first light.

I feel so alone, trapped in myself.
I’m not sure how to break out.
I see some light, but I need some help.
Show me sunshine I know nothing about.

Just leave me a loan.
I miss that face that appeared so frequent.
Just. Come. Home.
Explain to me where my friend went.

The days pass by yet you do not.
All I wanted was some of your time.
I think about you more than a lot;
We’re alone together: the saddest rhyme.

Chasin’ the Dream

Running out of gas, I keep going fast.
I chase this dream just out of reach.
This road grows longer. Will I Last?
I chase this dream, a dream I’ll seize.

Come closer to shorten this distance
between where I’m at and what I chase.
Come closer to tell me where you went;
I want to know which direction to face.

You still matter more than you know,
but I can’t show you how much I care.
You still matter no matter where you go
and I couldn’t stop even if I dared.

I chase this dream, but it changes often
and it grows larger each mile I walk.
I chase this dream that seems to soften
every time I try to talk.

I chase this dream until my legs fail
because I must live the dream I dreamed.
I chase this dream as time sets sail
because this dream is closer than it seems.


I walk past you and forget the past

because what we had didn’t last-

I do not know you anymore;

you have become a stranger.

The feelings I feel do not stay;

the energy we had went away.

I have become strange; Everything is strange.

Has it always been this way? What has changed?

I have seen you before, but I cannot recall

because I do not remember you at all.

You have grown into a stranger;

The life I live is becoming stranger

I say hi to you, the person I knew

Because you’re looking oh so blue.

We stare at each other for a moment

As I wonder where the time went.

You say hi back and we both crack smiles

Before I walk another 100 miles.