Out of Control

The world is out of control.
Sharp minds become dull.
Stress can squeeze the life
out of a soul. If there is not
a light in sight, just breathe.
Keep fighting; don’t freeze.
Know you can’t change
the direction of the breeze.
Sometimes, it’s better to stay
than to walk away and leave.
People are out of control.
There are more questions
than answers. There are
more songs than dancers.
Life is like rolling some dice.
It is hard to roll the same
number twice. Each day
is another opportunity to
encounter something new,
to reach a higher view,
to get better-looking shoes.
The puppet-master has cut
the strings making things
out of control. The guy
upstairs never stopped
shaking the snow globe.
When life is out of control,
the answer finds the soul.


Many questions come to
mind – some with answers
some without. Questions
about life gives insight.
Questions keep most going
without anyone knowing
answers – How annoying!

Did curiosity kill the cat?
Did the cat kill the rat?
– or was it killed in a trap?

Did he get the promotion?
Has she found true love?
Did he lose control?
Has she lost motivation?
Did he find a purpose?
Did she make new friends?
Did he smile and pretend?
Has she reached the end?
Did he wonder when?
Did she live to the fullest?
Did he dodge her bullets?

No Worries

Heavy air leaves my mouth,

As I sigh and wonder ‘why’.

I deflate my chest before looking south;

I breathe so heavy up toward the sky.

I wonder and worry, but I’m in no hurry.

Time became rough, but I remain tough.

I sigh and I weep until the hour I sleep.

I feel so bad: the worst feeling to have.

I push on through this life so steep;

This breath I take won’t be my last.

I swim these waters blue and deep

And navigate unknowns without a map.

I aim and miss but still shoot for bliss.

I stumble and stare thru the thin air.

Broke and beat, I never take a seat

I worry a lot but I avoid defeat.

Take away my worries and all of my fears:

Remove my worries for the rest of my years.

11:25 PM

Welcome to my 11:25:

Where voices fade to silent

And ideas become alive.

Where I access my mind

and notice place and time.

My feelings arise like waves

as the darkness screams fear

But 11:25 comes and saves

My delicate mind year after year.