Settle Down

What does it mean to settle down?
Does it mean to stay in one spot?
I suppose settling down is better
than wandering around. At a point,
we settle down; we sit down; we lay
down. Sooner than later, we will settle
down and calm down. I suppose
settling down can be better than
speeding up and crashing. Really,
there are two options: get up or
sit down because, before we know
it, all of us will settle down. Below.

The Day After

The day after always feels bad.
Happiness filled the day before,
but today, I feel lost and sad.
Tomorrow is today’s day after;
I’m hoping it won’t be a disaster.
Today is the day after. Yesterday
was great. It was the best to date.
Now, it is the day after. I feel
different. I don’t know where
my energy went. I enjoy the day,
so I can remember happy days.
The day after turned out to be
just another day in the week.