to the ones I miss

To the ones I miss, I hope
you get the gist. I still see
you in the mist. You are
in the shadows, inside my
mind. You are the time
that continues to tick.
You are the remedy that
heals the sick. I am fire
and you are the wick.
I am the tongue and you
the lick. You are the air
that I breathe: life I can’t
see. You are the breeze
that refuses to leave.
To the ones I miss, just
know that our love will
continue to grow. Now,
I feel more than I see
and I appreciate that
the ones I miss will
stay by my side still.


Today, I turn 25. Dang,
where has the time gone?
I have learned how to
write, sing, love, and live
in 25 different ways.
25. What a good number.
I’m blessed to see another
day or even year. I feel
fine like a sun that shines.
I must be growing. I must
be learning more. I’m 25%
sure that I’m still loading.
In this life, I give thanks
to all that I love. I’ll push
on to feel alive at age 25.

All in One

I don’t need to give you reasons
because this is what I believe in.
This life of mine has limited time,
but I’ll keep looking for what is mine.
Sometimes I feel like an exotic bird
in a foreign land ran by the man.
My wings are strong, but not for long.
I just don’t know how far I’ll go.
I chase pink clouds and blue skies.
Mellifluous songs play as I fly
in an open sky so far and wide.
I will not run in life’s rat race;
I’ll glide on through at an easy pace.

Lime Green Lighter

That lime green lighter carries a flame
that only the strong maintain.
It lights up a room, always, and
when darkness comes, your light stays.
The flame created must be celebrated.
Only so few possess your gift.
So, thank you for the mindsets you shift.
That lime green lighter keeps me safe
and burns away any leftover hate.
This light burns at all times, but I still
have moments where I cry.
I know your light will always shine
and will show me that I’ll be fine.

Razer Blades and Cupcakes

My wings have been cut
and taken away.
Nothing can fix this,
not even cupcakes.
You took my ability
to appreciate things.
I no longer fly
because you cut my wings.
How can I explore now?
I don’t care
that these cupcakes are free.
The sky was mine.
I was meant to shine;
It’s just too bad;
You took away my time.
You cut my wings:
the most hurtful act.
I cut your strings.
How else do I to react?
I have struggled
to grow my wings back.
It has taken years
to re-learn to fly.
You brought cupcakes:
but why?
You should know
to not even try.
You cut my wings,
but I know not to cry
cause’ I have the strength
to re-enter the sky.