Words that See Me

This poetry book contains 13 poems. Each poem is sure to help you reflect on the life you are living through relatable writing. It is my guarantee that you will feel better after reading this poetry book. I wrote these precious words with each one of you in mind. Now enjoy: Words that See Me

A Makeshift Mind

Enjoy my new chapbook. It is comprised of 15 poems. As we know, the mind is a very complex thing and can be difficult to explore. We are made up of so many things that were are makeshift. We are constantly changing and what we experience influences our perception. The poems explore the human psyche. Thank you for reading. Click here to read: A Makeshift Mind

Another Day

What’s another day? It depends
on who you ask. It’s all relative.
Go ahead; ask a relative. Sure,
it’s just 24 hours: 1,440 minutes.
Some may say, it’s another day.
Others say to not think ahead.
Today is a day and tomorrow
is another. That is where it gets
tricky. Who knows if we will
see another day? I guess we
will have to see another day
for any of us to confidently say.