Down the Road

I see flowers growing
down the road. I see
them shooting through
the concrete. Under
my feet isn’t a street;
it’s a dirt road only
the roughest feet know.
I hear birds chirping
down the road. I see
the sun shoot rays
down the road. Now,
I stay in place, as I
take up space. I see
what could possibly be
in front of me. Down
the road is where I’ll go.

The Road I Chose

This is my 7th Self-Published chapbook. It is called The Road I Chose. The theme is the unknown. Often times, we go through life and we are constantly presented with big decisions. The decisions we choose inevitably affect our future. I explore the feelings of being lost, being found, and being hopeful. This is the 3rd chapbook in The Driveway Journals collection, which will consist of four total chapbooks. Please enjoy this chapbook and allow it to bring peace and refuge into your life!
Peace and Love,

I now present to you…

The Road I Chose

JMac’s Favorite Poems

Hello all,

Because I have written over 115 poems, I felt like it was time to put some of my favorites into a chapbook. I have chosen poems that meant a lot to me. I also chose poems that were well received by people that read them. Thanks for reading my poems; I write for me, but I always keep you in mind. All Love! Without further ado, I present you

JMac’s Favorite Poems