In Other Words

Life is a game of chess. In other words,
we will play until the king is put to rest.
Life is a game of 21. In other words,
we can hit or stand without knowing
the dealer’s plan. Life is a game of Risk.
In other words, take out your sword,
prepare for war and kick down a door.
Life is a game of dice. In other words,
some will shoot twice without thinking.
Life is a game of wins, losses, ties, tears,
blood, sweat, love, pain, hope, and loss.
In other words, take what’s yours,
love from the core and be a boss.

One Last Time

The boy got in his car
and drove really far.
The boy drove so fast
on a familiar track.
He has driven this road before.
He knew this road all too well.
The road shook the boy’s core
more than the boy could tell.
The boy thought of all the times
he enjoyed the sunshine.
This drive was different.
This day was very gloomy.
The boy was feeling bent
as his sorrow was blooming.
The boy got out of his car
and walked really far.
The boy walked so fast
that his breath didn’t last.
He followed his old footsteps
to see a place he had to face.
He erased the memories left
to clear up some space.
The boy struggled to leave,
but he said his goodbyes.
The boy got in his car
and drove really far.
With tears in his eyes,
old memories began to die.
One last time, he looked back
before the photo faded to black.