Something Else

I need something else.
I long to love myself.
Something else might
strip away the pain
that remains. I long
for something else.
All in good time. Line
by line, a dark pen
writes the brightest
rhymes. I will be fine.
For now, something
else waits for some-
one else. I see things
come and go. I want
my love to grow into
something you know –
something else, maybe?

Dance with the Devil

Lights. Camera. Action.

No time for relaxin’

As I spent a fraction

Of my life reacting.

Through my days,

I rely on a mood

That brings forth

My best attitude.

Now the process begins.

My name is yelled

And I present myself.

Silence fills the room

Eyes become wide.

But I don’t hide.

“Are you ready?”

Says the guy.

“Yes!” I cried.

Feeling alive,

I enter a room.

That just so happens

To be my tomb.

Shocked and confused,

I naturally refuse.

Tears drop like rain

And to my surprise,

I feel no pain.

I face the man

And see his eyes

And see a story 

Of my demise.

But I turn around,

Leaving after a minute

Because I realized

That I’m not finished.