Looking Back

Looking back, I can tell you that
I wish I could do things over.
I look back and feel sad;
I think of the life I once had.
There’s a lot of pain in the past –
pain that is sure to last.
Looking back, I see what I lacked.
All I can do is look back.
I can’t change the past,
especially since time goes fast.
Looking back, I have done a lot.
I have done more than I thought.
When I walk forward, I look back.
I am sure to never backtrack
before I pave a brand new path.

Writing in the Rain

Rain dropped from the rooftops.
Some brought their umbrellas.
Others couldn’t see the rain coming.
People couldn’t handle being wet,
yet this is where their life was set.
For a second, everybody felt
the same way about something.
Rain touched every person there.
As others felt the rain turn to pain,
I wanted to write in the rain –
to wash away any stains.
I wrote in the rain and got soaked;
Writing in the rain helped me grow.
I felt ease with the rainy breeze.
I knew I was different; You did too.
My paper got wet; I didn’t stop.
I wanted to feel every raindrop.
I wanted to feel the rain as I knew
the rain would pass. It didn’t last.
Not before long, the rain stopped.
The sun arrived after some time.
My wet clothes dried quickly.
I looked down at my clothes;
I felt happy to see and know
the rain washed away my stains.

Learn to Live

I have learned how to live –
I have so much that I can give.
I value each minute I am here;
I make decisions without fear.
I have learned about my life,
now I know how to live it right.
Problems I have come and go,
but not the wisdom I now know.
Every lesson, I take with me
on my quest to travel with ease.
My eyes have grown wider,
making me a better fighter.
I walk around and I feel proud
that I can move without a sound.
I’m learning what it means to be
a steady boat sailing the sea.
Some waves don’t seem to break,
yet I love the way my boat shakes.