Hey. You! Yeah! You.
Move. Take a step.
Take a chance. Move.
Buy a new pair
of dancing shoes.
Find a different
groove. Don’t be
afraid to lose.
When you play,
pay your dues.
Move. It’s much
better when you
get to choose.
Keep on dancing
for your love is
everlasting. Move.
There is nothing
for you to prove.

Fade to Gray

Time continues to slip
through my gentle grip.
The clothes on my back
continue to get ripped.
My words get flipped.
Blue skies open wide
bringing those who hide
out into the holy light.
Blue skies seem to fade
to gray when the sun
goes away. I don’t mind
doing a little dance
under the thunder.
Days fade to gray
as rain drops drip
onto a vacant crypt.
All colors eventually
fade to gray. Evidently,
some shade is man-made.

Slow Songs

Our song plays and time stops.
It’s just me and you. We dance
all night as our light slowly burns.
Your eyes say more than you
know. I must know how you feel.
This is real. The DJ plays a slow song
and I fall in love again. It must be
our song. I can’t be wrong. Our song
plays. We hold each other. We rock
back and forth into the night
as we share this dance for the rest
of our days, the rest of our life.

A Tranquil Tribe

I am part of a tribe that feels alive.
We drink, dance, and indulge.
We talk, laugh, and cry into the night.
We understand how to combat the cold.
Once reunited, I become excited.
This feeling of bliss, I just can’t fight it.
I am one with the group – I am one
letter in this alphabet soup.
When others seem to often debauch,
we turn around and refuse to watch.
Love is our group’s practical practicum;
We receive love, then give away some.
Much like how pandas clench their own,
we seize the night and hold on tight
before we notice the morning’s light.

The Zoo in You

We are boxed in from the day we begin.

Living in exhibits created by others.

We are boxed in, both ladies and men.

It is the same for both fathers and mothers.

The one track mind stays on repeat

and no one seems to change the song.

We tried so hard to move our feet

but we failed to leave our seat.