Smile Through the Pain

How do you feel when you stop and think?
Do you have time to notice the pain?
Are you able to float after you sink?
What do you do to keep yourself sane?

The day grows long and so does this journey.
I do not know which direction I am going.
I acknowledge my feelings first in the morning
so I can control the emotions I am showing.

The day goes on, but my feelings stay;
It's impossible to keep them away.
Darkness creeps in the sunniest days
and can silence any words I say.

I will smile, but it may take awhile.
I have to find the source of this pain.
Give me an inch so I can take a mile
cuz' along the way, so much can change.


I walk past you and forget the past

because what we had didn’t last-

I do not know you anymore;

you have become a stranger.

The feelings I feel do not stay;

the energy we had went away.

I have become strange; Everything is strange.

Has it always been this way? What has changed?

I have seen you before, but I cannot recall

because I do not remember you at all.

You have grown into a stranger;

The life I live is becoming stranger

I say hi to you, the person I knew

Because you’re looking oh so blue.

We stare at each other for a moment

As I wonder where the time went.

You say hi back and we both crack smiles

Before I walk another 100 miles.

Back Words / Backwards

Upfront, the words pierce

like razor-blades in a mouth.

But behind the words,

the truth remains about

The surface shows little

about the past we’ve seen

and it doesn’t reveal

what we mean.

The words come out

when we’re not sure.

but behind the words

is a soul full and pure

We go backward to

see the past,

But lose the present

moving too fast.

But we speak honestly

and from inside as

the surface reveals

what does not hide.


Full speed straight ahead

Going faster and faster

With worries to shed

And skills to master.

Times accelerates fast

And can be unfair

While erasing the past

That many have shared.

The road is straight

For many blurry days.

Faster, full speed ahead

No need to change ways.



You fell asleep for a moment

Waking up on a different road

Forgetting your days spent

With no experiences to show.