New Face. Who Dis?

Leatherface beat the case.
He can wear many faces.
Tall as hell. One can tell
evil consumed him and
his heart. All his exes live
and died in Texas. You
bet he ate George Strait.
He kept his chainsaw ripping
and his cholesterol high from
eating enormous apple pies,
Kentucky Fried chicken
thighs, and human eyes.
He cares not that he is
“slow” or dumb. If you
hear the chainsaw: run.
The fun has just begun.
Leatherface can’t die.
He will beat another
case. Life is a race,
and he’s in first place.
There is no need
to worry. Leather-
face may be as dumb
as nails, yet he is as tough
as them. He can’t spell,
but he can read brail.
He does mean well.
Too bad there’s no one
left who can tell.

Do Me a Solid

Can ya help me out?

It may be a lot

but hear me out,

you won’t get caught.

You need to face

feelings deep inside

and notice your place

and say you tried.

But don’t give in

When the world is mad,

See where you’ve been

and the fears you’ve had;

But just Do me a favor

and live inside out

as craziness occurs

take the right route.

Once Upon a Time

I dreamed of a green field

with flowers fully grown,

where happiness was sealed

and my place was known.

I dreamed of a location inviting

Strange minds to wander

around with no fear of hiding,

a place to ponder.

I dreamed of puffy clouds

Cutting up the blue sky.

Beauty noticed by passing crowds

who stop and ask why?

I dreamed of a day:

Where my stomach felt whole

and I understood life’s way

and what made me full.

Many years have passed,

yet my dream still remains

like one of the last

prisoners to break their chains.