Built to Destroy

Some are built to destroy,
to employ their evil onto
others. The good balances
out the bad. The happy
balances out the sad,
yet some are still mad.
Some are built to destroy
what others have built.
Some help fix problems
that others love to create.
The love balances out
the hate. There is death,
decay, and destruction
surrounding us. At any
moment, we can become
a part of the rubble, even
if we weren’t looking for
for the trouble. Bruised,
battered, and broken, I
look to salvage all that
I can before I kick the can.
I look to those built to
destroy and shake my head.
All that can be said is
“Don’t ruin a chance for
others to make their bed.”

Razer Blades and Cupcakes

My wings have been cut
and taken away.
Nothing can fix this,
not even cupcakes.
You took my ability
to appreciate things.
I no longer fly
because you cut my wings.
How can I explore now?
I don’t care
that these cupcakes are free.
The sky was mine.
I was meant to shine;
It’s just too bad;
You took away my time.
You cut my wings:
the most hurtful act.
I cut your strings.
How else do I to react?
I have struggled
to grow my wings back.
It has taken years
to re-learn to fly.
You brought cupcakes:
but why?
You should know
to not even try.
You cut my wings,
but I know not to cry
cause’ I have the strength
to re-enter the sky.