Birds on a Wire

There we are – hanging in the balance,

talking about the struggles we face.

High in the sky, we search for solace

and make each other slow the pace.

I do not know how I got here,

but I know it is best for me.

High in the sky, I show no fear;

I stay in a place that is so free.

We all suffer from different pains

and how we continue is a mystery.

We all look at people and at things

and make sure to impact history.

The flight I traveled has taught me

how to love no matter the weather.

The life I have lived made me see

it may get bumpy, but it gets better.

Birds on a wire, we chirp away

to remind each other how to love.

Birds on a wire, we face the day;

and bless skies with sounds from above.

Above the Clouds

Pink and Purple pilots,

Grey and black clouds,

Red and green dry fits

Babies being loud,

Windows projecting Earth,

Watches projecting worth.

Passing snowy mountains

With Joe-blows and has beens.

Heavy breathing, ugh

Elbows rub hard

Hot coffee in a mug,

Please swipe the card.

Push the cart

Remove the drunks,

Play the part.

Don’t blow chunks,

Eat the crackers

For the price of expensive

Leave the slackers,

They’re not repentive

High above, look out,

Notice the altitude.

Don’t pout

Think attitude.

Knees touch the backs

Of those in front,

Leg room that lacks,

Comfort to confront.

Do not look down

And feel too high.

Enjoy the ride now,

Then wave the clouds bye.