One Stone

One stone can break
a bone or it can kill
two birds with a throw.
One stone can shatter
a glass home or it can
help build a house
of one’s own. One stone
can make the difference
between what is known
and what is shown.
One stone to never be
left alone: as strong
as my own backbone.
Stones are thrown
till’ they are needed for
statues and tombstones.

Gone Fishing

I’ve gone fishing. It seems
I’m the only one here.
The water is calm. The air
is still and is filled
with silence – total peace:
total bliss. I’m blessed to see
life changing. Birds fly free
as leaves drop off trees.
I cast my pole and I wait.
I relax and enjoy a break
away from things that take.
My mind isn’t missing;
it has just gone fishing.