Drop the Ball

Man, I didn’t just drop the ball,
I spiked that baby. I threw it
down like Shaq. Did I mean to?
No. The ball didn’t seem to fit
the mitt. The ball was heavy;
I was thought to be strong,
but that thought was wrong.
I didn’t really want the ball.
I just happen to stumble upon
it. I did pick it up after all.
At the end of the day, I picked
up the same ball I dropped.
There is no reason to rant;
I’ll dribble the ball till’ I can’t.

Dreams of You

I have dreams of you –
dreams that happen
often. My mind goes
and shows memories.
Asleep, a spirit roams
free and reminds me
to wake up – to breathe.
I have dreams of you –
vivid visions of us.
As long as I dream,
you’ll always be
the best part of me.