In Other Words

Life is a game of chess. In other words,
we will play until the king is put to rest.
Life is a game of 21. In other words,
we can hit or stand without knowing
the dealer’s plan. Life is a game of Risk.
In other words, take out your sword,
prepare for war and kick down a door.
Life is a game of dice. In other words,
some will shoot twice without thinking.
Life is a game of wins, losses, ties, tears,
blood, sweat, love, pain, hope, and loss.
In other words, take what’s yours,
love from the core and be a boss.

Spring Healing

Sunshine will soon shimmer.
The scorching sun will remind
us that we are at the mercy
of Mother Earth as Father Time
takes its course. It’s cold now,
but you just wait. Not before
long, the cold will grow old
and be gone. I see us feeling
more free in the coming weeks.
I can see new beams of love
coming from above. I know
there are good days ahead
with more light to be shed.


In this journey, I’ve been searching
For the things, I’ve lost in my past.
I know that one day, I will find
Forgotten memories in my mind.
I’ve been lost for a while. I can see
different paths in front of me.
I’ve lost years of my life being lost;
I found it hard to find the time.
In this journey, I’ve been searching
For the things I’ve thought I lost.
It turns out that I found something
Different – a new level of love –
A new level of life. I found it
While reflecting upon my journey.
After being lost, I found myself
Reliving my life as someone else.