Frozen Lakes

Lakes were frozen one Winter day.

Everybody saw the frozen water.

All motion halted the moment

Winter started. The trees looked

naked, humiliated. The trees hated

cold weather just how people

did. It was fine for those who

embraced the cold. They walked

on frozen lakes. They conquered

their fear of falling in. They

saw a reflection of a fearless

face, learning to love the cold

and its embrace. They learned

to enjoy the lake on a Winter day.

Cruise Control

I shift gears. I run past
mirrors fast. I just go.
Ya know? I will not lie;
I can fly. I can jump high
Sometimes I don’t ask
why. I must be on autopilot.
I am not driving the car
that got me far. The car
must be driven and not left
on cruise-control. Just know
my car will carry my soul
after the tank becomes full.

New to You

It is new to you – something strange.
I know you’re unsure right now.
Just take it slow as you adjust.
I’ve been you before and you must
walk around and hear new sounds.
You can do this really anywhere.
The new will soon become the old;
a burning heart eventually turns cold.
You can turn your old silver into gold.
Soon, you will feel safe and happy
as what’s new to you will soon be
nothing new. You will soon see
 new help paint skies blue.
It is new to you: something bold.
It is new to you until it becomes old.

The Trees Above

The wind presents itself
and meets green leaves on trees.
The trees are larger than me
and can make it hard to see.
Trees protect me from the breeze.
Trees gift me the air to breathe.
I look up to the tall trees
and I start to count to three.
I freeze in time and think: please.
Please let me catch all your leaves.
I love the trees above.
These trees taught me how to love.
I feel pain as trees are cut
down to the ground, we don’t touch.
I look up to the trees around,
strong trees waiting to be found.
I try to never look down.
These trees are older than me
and are stronger than the breeze.
So, why not just let them be?
The trees above show me love.
The trees above set me free.

How a Year Can Disappear

I blinked twice, then twice more.

I thought about life’s open doors.

I tried to stop it, but I failed.

Time flew by as my ship sailed.

I loved so much and hurt as well.

Those 52 weeks have a story to tell.

I pushed forward; I rarely reminisced.

It’s sad knowing things will be missed.

I look back and smile at my past,

Realizing time won’t last.

I look back and remember the year

Just before a new one appears.