It takes a special kind
of eyes to look around
and notice a paradise.
We don’t think twice
to worry or dwell on
all of the small things.
We are used to the sun,
so, when the sky rains,
we focus on our pain.
Rarely, do we let go
of the past that has
a stranglehold on us.
We choose to take
the bus instead of
taking a long walk.
There is beauty in
the things and people
we find ugly. It looks
bad if we’re judging.
Open your eyes and see
a world above and below
your feet. Seek new life
in the scope of your sight.
Create the life and love
you desperately need.
Kill that voice inside
your head – kill him
dead. Seek refuge beside
those joining you on
this wild ride. Remove
the veil covering your
eyes, open wide and see
life as a fleeting paradise.

Kill them with Kindness

You have never killed anyone with weapons
of hate. You have killed those with kindness
so great. Nothing hurts more than being nice.
To feel alive and free is the only way to be.
There is a choice to kill off that voice –
to kill them with kindness – to feed the mindless.
Your life seems timeless when you kill them
with kindness, with heart. No need to part
with what got you so far. The kindness you give
will allow you to live. The hate you create
is the voice you make. Understand your plan
before others can. Before you save them,
turn the lights dim. Understand the dark
before you see art. Appreciate your life
to be the brightest light. You must kill them
with kindness. Kill the hate. Don’t think twice
to be nice. Put the fire out with a little ice.

Death of an Ego

Yes, I have killed

the person I was

to become and build

a person I love.

Nightmares arrive

in the cold of the night

and make me feel

before the day’s light.

They keep coming back:

the visions of myself.

I fade to black;

There is no help.

I reach out to find

a person to face –

Scared and out of time,

I realize I’m alone in place.

I try hard to reel

in the feelings too real.

I forget how to feel

inside myself: a place to heal.

I may be lost,

but I had to leave.

No matter the cost,

my ego stays asleep.

What is this I

that others cherish?

Look inside and ask why

you started to parish.

I have to help

others use their eyes

live a life away from them self:

watch love double in size.

The life I notice

has changed for the better.

Impossible to show this,

I T Y P E O U T E A C H L E T T E R.

Life has changed,

I am no longer attached.

I am freed from this cage

as my ego relaxed.