Butterfly Beach

With the flap of my wings,

I fight the wind to find you.

Filling the gaps, I discover new things

that I can do in a sky so blue.

I fly so long and land so soft

to check on the beauty that lives below.

I search for years for what was lost

and try to learn to take it slow.

With each clap of my wings,

I can feel this breeze.

I wish to know what it means,

but this flight tonight is what I seize.

Separated and lost, my feelings disappear

as I glide through the crisp air.

I travel to you with no fear

to live a life filled with care.

I hover over Butterfly Beach

and feel the warmth of others alike.

I hover to you, the one I seek,

to fly together and get lost in time.

Half / Life

Thoughts never come

full circle. Thoughts

seldom come; Half Circle.

Emotions consume

my entire being.

Emotions consume

all of what’s living

My energy is spent

wishing I understood.

My energy is spent

wishing I could.

Time speeds up

my everyday dreams.

Time speeds up

by any means.

My day is spent

loving others.

My day is spent

respecting borders.

My thoughts go round’

stopping halfway.

My thoughts go round’

for half a day.

So, complete my circle

and make me whole.

Complete my circle

and fill my soul.