Moving On

What hurts about moving on
is knowing that what you
once had is now gone. Now,
thoughts don’t skip a beat,
just like a record stuck on
repeat. Flashes of the past
dash by on the other side
of our eyes. Moving on is
like skipping your favorite
song: it just feels wrong.
Pain becomes strength.
Misery becomes history.
Doubt becomes acceptance.
Moving on is going forward.
Staying back is waiting for
life to attack. Don’t be a
victim to a life you’re given.

Once Upon a Time

I dreamed of a green field

with flowers fully grown,

where happiness was sealed

and my place was known.

I dreamed of a location inviting

Strange minds to wander

around with no fear of hiding,

a place to ponder.

I dreamed of puffy clouds

Cutting up the blue sky.

Beauty noticed by passing crowds

who stop and ask why?

I dreamed of a day:

Where my stomach felt whole

and I understood life’s way

and what made me full.

Many years have passed,

yet my dream still remains

like one of the last

prisoners to break their chains.