In my Dreams

I seem to believe what I see
in my dreams. I can recall
vivid visions of my past.
I remember you visiting me
in my dreams. I fall asleep
with you on my mind as I find
time to unwind. Deep in sleep,
my brain goes unchained.
I take a walk without moving
and I talk without speaking.
In my dreams, my broken
memories come visit me.
Old thoughts and new ideas
dance inside my head, behind
my eyelids. In my dreams,
everything feels all too real.
As I sleep, the show starts,
in my dreams, where I watch.

Heavy Heart Rd.

My heart weighs heavy

As these tears start flowing.

You and I were not ready

For the day now showing.

Heavy and full,

my heart pumps faster-

And fills my soul

With thoughts of disaster.

The sun showed up

not casting your shadow

as if that wasn’t enough

my waters became shallow.

“Why?” I ask. “Why me?”

The only words coming out.

For without you, I couldn’t be

And I say that with zero doubt.

Hard to swallow, I lift my heart

To relieve myself of this heavy load

And spread my arms out so far

Welcoming others driving this road.

The Missing Element

Rain falls in hope to feel humans

But humans remain immune to nature

Cries heard to wake the sun up from rest

Expecting warmth to show itself

While snowflakes fall unnoticed

Cursing the land for behaving normal

While we stomp its dirt

The trees breathe while rivers speak

To those who choose to listen

This paper is scarred by ink

Dipped by the company rooted in consumption

And rain falls when we least expect

While those under dry roofs

Don’t know what it’s like to be wet.