Crystal Ball

I looked in the crystal ball.
I saw my birth, rise, fall,
and death. I saw my life
with its darkness and light.
I saw roots. I saw my family
tree growing tall and strong.
I saw me as a child, exploring
unknowns, with an innocence
only children know and show.
I saw my future. I saw better
days. From an ariel view,
I saw the choices I made
and trees throwing shade.
I saw everyday as a game.
I was the star player showing
no fear: grinning ear to ear.
In the crystal ball, I saw
me at the top of a mountain.
I saw that I found a fountain
of youth. It’s the damn truth.
I saw it all in my crystal ball.
I know what I saw, and I saw
what I know. I saw my life
unfold. I saw me grow old.
In the crystal ball, I saw me
write deep into the night.


Without fail, we blaze trails
that will help others with
their paths. Like those
before us, we’re born into
life without foresight.
Like many before us,
we try harder than
those who came before.
We trust the process. We
step through unopened
doors to progress.
Whether walking alone
or with someone else,
blaze trails that will
make it easier for
generations to come.
The work is never done.
It’s better to blaze trails
than to chase tails.
Look far and wide for
beaten paths. Follow
your heart, and if you
get lost, blaze a trail
like ships set sail.
If need be, try new ways
to navigate the maze.
Blaze on and reach
the top before life
stops and our vision
is gone. Without fail,
create your own trails.


In this journey, I’ve been searching
For the things, I’ve lost in my past.
I know that one day, I will find
Forgotten memories in my mind.
I’ve been lost for a while. I can see
different paths in front of me.
I’ve lost years of my life being lost;
I found it hard to find the time.
In this journey, I’ve been searching
For the things I’ve thought I lost.
It turns out that I found something
Different – a new level of love –
A new level of life. I found it
While reflecting upon my journey.
After being lost, I found myself
Reliving my life as someone else.

The U-Turn

We drive this road all day.
We drive from April to May.
We drive this road so much.
We’ve almost lost our touch.
This road made us who we are.
This road can take us far.
This road can break our cars
and remind us of our scars.
This road brought joy and pain;
it was there in sun or rain.
We drive until we pass.
If something blocks our way,
then we turn around fast.
We will go. We can’t stay.
We drive until we turn back
on this road painted black.
It’s our turn to turn around –
to return to an old sound.

Fork in the Road

Two separate ways lead to
two very different places.
One way will take you away.
The other way will not stay.
One can change you. It’s true.
The other can be strange too.
Depending on your path,
you might not be happy.
The good thing is that
your life is happening.
The fork in the road
appears every single mile.
You’ll find your own way,
but it may take a while.
In life, there are many forks
that must be considered
cuz’ one road might be littered.
Whatever way you take,
don’t wait for your own sake.
The road you choose to take
is paved for you to meet your fate.