In this journey, I’ve been searching
For the things, I’ve lost in my past.
I know that one day, I will find
Forgotten memories in my mind.
I’ve been lost for a while. I can see
different paths in front of me.
I’ve lost years of my life being lost;
I found it hard to find the time.
In this journey, I’ve been searching
For the things I’ve thought I lost.
It turns out that I found something
Different – a new level of love –
A new level of life. I found it
While reflecting upon my journey.
After being lost, I found myself
Reliving my life as someone else.

Savages of the Night

The trees are thick with stones – sticks.
The watering holes quench many souls.
Deep in the forest, its’ people rest.
Peace lives within people of nature.
Tribes dance, sing, and believe in what
they wish. People of the tribe are not
savages. They are like everyone else;
they want to be left alone. Those who
cut trees and disrupt the peace are the
real savages. Those who ravage
and pillage are savage. There’s peace
in the tribe as spirits come alive.

Collecting Dust

The dust builds every single day.
As I collect new items, I see
old items collecting dust.
Time goes by before my eyes –
yet, I can not see things
collecting dust in front of me.
I will not forget the things I miss
as I collect dust right where I sit.

Spare Change

Can you spare some change?

Can you buy common sense?

If you can, please do?

You can learn something new.

You can help and I can too.

We can change the way

We feel and what we say.

We can change. There is time.

We can spare some change.

We can change. We can be

different in every way.

State of Mind

I’ve made the time
to find my state of mind.
I’ve searched for years
to only disappear.
To visit this place,
I must slow my pace.
This is my home –
where my thoughts roam.
I reside in my mind –
a place out of sight.
My state of mind
is all mine by design.
Look for me here
each and every time.