A Tranquil Tribe

I am part of a tribe that feels alive.
We drink, dance, and indulge.
We talk, laugh, and cry into the night.
We understand how to combat the cold.
Once reunited, I become excited.
This feeling of bliss, I just can’t fight it.
I am one with the group – I am one
letter in this alphabet soup.
When others seem to often debauch,
we turn around and refuse to watch.
Love is our group’s practical practicum;
We receive love, then give away some.
Much like how pandas clench their own,
we seize the night and hold on tight
before we notice the morning’s light.

The Violence in Silence

Sure, words can hurt me and you,
but have you ever been ignored?
The silent, but violent, lack-of-noise
should never be explored or adored.
The pain created from nothing soared
in the silence you can always afford.
The hurt can become overwhelming;
The truth in your silence is very telling.
I wish I could extract your thoughts
because you don’t want to talk.
There is no way to connect the dots,
but I notice something in your walk.
The silence surrounding you is heavy
and I want to hear words. I’m ready.
There is a certain violence in silence
that often appears with malice.
We can always think about our words,
but until they’re said, they’ll always hurt.

Lime Green Lighter

That lime green lighter carries a flame
that only the strong maintain.
It lights up a room, always, and
when darkness comes, your light stays.
The flame created must be celebrated.
Only so few possess your gift.
So, thank you for the mindsets you shift.
That lime green lighter keeps me safe
and burns away any leftover hate.
This light burns at all times, but I still
have moments where I cry.
I know your light will always shine
and will show me that I’ll be fine.

Razer Blades and Cupcakes

My wings have been cut
and taken away.
Nothing can fix this,
not even cupcakes.
You took my ability
to appreciate things.
I no longer fly
because you cut my wings.
How can I explore now?
I don’t care
that these cupcakes are free.
The sky was mine.
I was meant to shine;
It’s just too bad;
You took away my time.
You cut my wings:
the most hurtful act.
I cut your strings.
How else do I to react?
I have struggled
to grow my wings back.
It has taken years
to re-learn to fly.
You brought cupcakes:
but why?
You should know
to not even try.
You cut my wings,
but I know not to cry
cause’ I have the strength
to re-enter the sky.

A Thoughtful Marathon

I think back to the times we had

Finding the source of what makes me sad.

I remember bits and pieces of us:

Memories I can’t completely trust.

I feel this pain cut so deep:

Haunting memories that won’t let me sleep.

I forget some things, but I remember most.

I still remember… that’s why I coast.

I can’t seem to break this thought

And what we had can’t be taught.

Your shadow casts as this pain lasts.

I run away to only see you;

I can’t escape no matter what I do.

I keep on running until I’m free

knowing these thoughts will never leave.