Hot Head

Beads of sweat build

On the surface of my face.

Eyes sweat filled.

No signs of shade.

Sun beams down,

Surprising me often.

It comes around

As my skin softens.

Oh, heat! Give me a break.

I’m becoming a hot head.

The sun I cannot shake

Turns white to red.

Oh, heat! Please be kind.

I sweat and I sweat.

Oh, sun! You’ll be fine

For it is time that you set.

Story of a Friend’s Ship

Lost at sea in a hollowed-out tree,

we float out further chasing the light.

Back and fourth, waves hit you and me

as the things we’ve seen leave our sight.

Picking up speed, we push towards tomorrow

hoping that we can make it past,

The effort put in leaves no sorrow

while the time we’re given doesn’t last.

Inch by inch, our speed only goes up

leaving no time to wade in the water.

Now feeling like a half-empty cup,

the sunshine faded but I wasn’t bothered.

I’m in a friend’s ship and I hold on tightly

as we share the same quest.

The storm is here, oh boy, is it frightening

but we sail on through and give it our best.

The friend’s ship rocked day after day

but pushed through the times of struggle.

The ship never sank and I’m here to say

that a friend’s ship saved me from trouble.

Smoke Signal

Calling in those who recognized it’s scent

The black sky cut up by puffy cloud formation

Those close enough know what it meant

A sigh is pushed out of a lungs temptation

Its grey shape filters any sunset

As perception fades, so does time

Did you get my signal?

If my signal fades, you’re in the right spot

Breathing air that is sold and bought

Other make sense of the this air I breathe

As smoke transcends into a world abyss

Saying anything, lasts as long as consumed air

Under smoke signals with the ones that care.