Molly’s Moment

Reality is shifting. Can I adjust?

Spirits are lifting. Who to trust?

Perception altered. Time went fast.

Memories fade: Some unscathed.

I journey home. I forever roam.

Visions look different.

Nothing’s the same –

Yet I remain

on a journey

to find home.

Hours, days, and weeks go by

And I look at the same sky.

Molly’s moment feels so right.

This is her moment; This is her night.

The Inception of Perception

I perceive a new life

Through my eyes now aged.

I’m a new type,

Freed from a cage.

I believed so much

When I was younger.

I touched the sky

Before the thunder.

Things look different

Than before.

Back when monsters

Hid behind doors.

I see a new light

Previously covered

With a new sight

Different from others.

The vision is different

As my eyes adjust

To everything changing.

My perception I trust.