Many hurt, but they keep
moving. They keep going.
Monsters lurk without
many knowing. Battles
are fought in silence.
Wars are won without
violence. Hurt riddles
the bones inside our
bodies. The hurt stays
close to remind all
that even the strong
fall. Hurt and pain:
it’s all the same. Rain
or shine, be glad that
another day came.
With all due respect,
we all hurt, in one way
or another. Don’t let
the hurt cut into your
joy. The hurt and pain
may never go away;
give yourself a break –
protect the happiness
the hurt wants to take.


You are special.
You are here.
You are sincere.
I know you are.
You are you
and you do
what you do.
You are different
from your friends.
You are someone
who doesn’t pretend.
You are loved.
You are love. You
are here to read this.
You are you: the best
you I ever knew.
You are the light
fighting the darkness.
You are you doing
what you do
and I hope I can
be like you, too.

Stay Inside

It is hard to think
outside the box
when I must stay
inside all day.
I have been
staying still, but
my mind has
been racing. I
have to stay
inside until the air
clears on both sides.
I have nothing
but time to find
out more about
my life. I cannot
drive outside, nor
can I see those
who I love dearly.
On the inside,
I can drive myself
crazy or I can lose
my mind. For now,
I will stay inside
my home while
every memory
will be free to roam.

JMac’s Favorite Poems

Hello all,

Because I have written over 115 poems, I felt like it was time to put some of my favorites into a chapbook. I have chosen poems that meant a lot to me. I also chose poems that were well received by people that read them. Thanks for reading my poems; I write for me, but I always keep you in mind. All Love! Without further ado, I present you

JMac’s Favorite Poems