Stained Glass

The image I painted looks so strange;

I don’t know where I went wrong.

I continue to stare: hoping for change.

My eyes have been hurting for too long.

What am I seeing? My version of you?

I stayed grounded when time flew.

I wanted clear skies when I felt blue.

I painted an image all too true.

The image I saw started to fade;

I still picture it the way it looked.

The canvas I used creates a shade.

I still watch your movie as I’m booked.

I paint an image before I leave.

I stared and stared as time passed.

I paint an image before I leave

as everything blackens all too fast.

Death of an Ego

Yes, I have killed

the person I was

to become and build

a person I love.

Nightmares arrive

in the cold of the night

and make me feel

before the day’s light.

They keep coming back:

the visions of myself.

I fade to black;

There is no help.

I reach out to find

a person to face –

Scared and out of time,

I realize I’m alone in place.

I try hard to reel

in the feelings too real.

I forget how to feel

inside myself: a place to heal.

I may be lost,

but I had to leave.

No matter the cost,

my ego stays asleep.

What is this I

that others cherish?

Look inside and ask why

you started to parish.

I have to help

others use their eyes

live a life away from them self:

watch love double in size.

The life I notice

has changed for the better.

Impossible to show this,

I T Y P E O U T E A C H L E T T E R.

Life has changed,

I am no longer attached.

I am freed from this cage

as my ego relaxed.