Triangulate My Fate

I have to be close to where
I want to be. It is hard
to measure what I can’t see.
I know I am close
to what means the most.
I can finally see beams
of light cut up the night.
As I push on, I can see
a familiar reflection
smiling back at me.
I desired so much;
I almost lost touch.
Now I must find
what continues to shine.
In this life of mine,
I will never whine.
I must find my fate
before it is too late.
I must live hour to hour,
work away, and remember
to play. My fate awaits
another day as I push on
through life’s crazy maze.

More Often Than Not

My smile has the power
to make enemies cower.
My smile has the power
to last multiple hours.
I use my power everyday.
More often than not,
I find a way.
I look for words to say;
I want to love you,
if that’s okay?
More often than not,
I stay true.
I’m sure you do too.
Our sunshine
freezes time; it helps us
as we climb.
More often than not,
I bring light
into the night.
More often than not,
I feel alive.
Life’s a road
I strive to drive.

All Things Considered

With all things considered,
my mind remains littered.
I try to take out the trash
to finally free up my mind.
At times, I think I live too fast;
I seem to always turn out fine.
With all things considered,
my mind remains filtered.
I attempt to block out past pain;
I’m not afraid to dance in the rain.
I have survived to feel alive –
I seem to always find the light.
With all things considered,
my mind is starting to feel better.
I possess the strength and power
to keep my riddled mind safe.
In this life, I will not cower
to the hate that others make.

A Hollow Tomorrow

I will live today with thoughts of tomorrow;
How I am feeling can change in a minute.
I continue to walk as my memories follow
and they will not stop until I am finished.

I push on as I fight these demons-
I do not show the scars I have.
Tired and confused, I find the reasons
for why I let these feelings pass.

Today is the day: Yesterday was too.
I waited and waited to see the sun.
Blinded by the light in a sky so blue,
I close my eyes before the day is done.

I have 24 hours before my body reboots,
before I have to start anew.
I see growing flowers and hanging fruits,
reminding me of the things I can do.

I feel so strange, I must accept it.
There is nothing I can do but let it be.
I wander for hours to a place I fit:
to a place where my worries run free.

Today I am feeling the way I should
and I must take it for what it is.
I would not change it if I could
because what I am feeling might be missed.

It is a new day:Time passed on
and how I was completeley went.
I accept these feelings before they're gone;
I value the day with no money spent.

What I am feeling will go away -
I must not dwell all that long.
These feelings of mine do not stay
as tomorrow plays a different song.