Pity Party

Would you like to come to my party?

It would be a shame if you didn’t.

When you arrive, you will listen

to sob stories and whining galore.

At this party, you will receive pity.

If that’s what you want, come by.

We will all feel really bad for you.

We will sympathize with all you do.

You don’t want to miss this pity party.

Come! Quick! The complaints are starting.

Hide and Seek

In life, we hide the things
we don’t want others to see.
At the start, the end seemed
far. At the end, we couldn’t
tell the two apart. In life,
we seek, search, and want
things and people
out of reach. Life can be
a game of hide and seek.
Some disappear as quickly
as others appear. Some stay
still and are scared to move.
Some dance despite the mood.
In the end, we will find
all that has been hidden.
In the meantime, find time
to unwind as you release
all the things on your mind.

JMac’s Favorite Poems

Hello all,

Because I have written over 115 poems, I felt like it was time to put some of my favorites into a chapbook. I have chosen poems that meant a lot to me. I also chose poems that were well received by people that read them. Thanks for reading my poems; I write for me, but I always keep you in mind. All Love! Without further ado, I present you

JMac’s Favorite Poems

Break the Ice

I’m on thin ice, just skating by.
I don’t ask why: just be nice.
I am skating by as birds fly;
I never skate the same line twice.
I glide so smooth as fish swim below.
I don’t break stride. I go with the flow.
I enjoy this ride only I will know.
I face the wind as it constantly blows.
The ice will break at some point.
All I know is I’ll be ready. I skate steady.
If the ice melts, I will not be scared.
If myself or you fall through, it’s only fair.
The sun is hot; I know the ice will break.
I’ll skate this ice until I make a mistake.


I oblige. I understand
Worlds Collide.
Eyes open wide.
There’s no one inside.
Nowhere to hide,
But in my pride.
Who am I?
How do I know?
We only see
What is shown.
Take me home,
Away from here.
Please be sincere
To the man in the mirror.
I push forward
To an unknown world.
I fight back
When under attack.
I fast forward
To an unknown time.
I just hope to be fine.
Oblivion, a place I’ve been
Has taken many men.
Oblivion, a place I’ve been
Seems to have no end.
I understand my place
In this very space
As I visit oblivion
For the rest of my days.