Fragile: Handle with Care

Like most things in the world,
I am fragile. I don’t want to be
damaged beyond repair. All
life is precious and delicate.
Some of us bend to no end.
Most bend till’ they break.
Some are happy as others
pretend. Handle with care.
I am fragile. I want to last:
no need for broken glass.
I assume others are fragile,
too. Only if the others knew.
Be careful with those you
hang around; they just might
break you down. Enjoy
the challenge of growing old.
Believe in your soul that
you can avoid some damage.
Be fragile: handle with care.
We all got crosses to bear.

No Vacancy

As the day moves, I seem to lose
track of time. I seem to forget
where my thoughts went. Still,
I feel fulfilled even when milk
is spilled. Thoughts, memories,
and feelings take refuge inside
my wide eyes. All I have seen,
heard, and felt does not melt.
What remains stays in frame.
All that I am is made up of old
times and slant rhymes. Still,
there is no room to goof off.
Now, as I move on, there is
no love lost – no cross to bear.
No fear: no vacancy: no way
to tell when all will be well.
Life is full of ups and downs
and broken crowns. It’s time
for stars to align. Believe it
to be true; it starts with you.


Like a machine, I

serve a purpose;

To remember memories

that others forget.

Like a machine,

Often mistreated.

I work regardless,

never defeated.

Like a machine, I

fit the puzzle.

Just a piece,

another lost soul.

Like a machine, I

tend to slow down

to an easy pace,

quieting my sound.

Like a machine, I

try to be human.

Exhibit behaviors

others are doing.

Like a machine, I

Rely on touch.

Being used by someone

is never enough.

Like a machine, I

too rust.

I stay clean

before the dust.

Like a machine, I

need support.

Constant repairs,

no need to abort.

Like a machine, I

find my way.

Wishing to function

just another day.