Look Alive

Don’t be a dead man walking.
No need to be a sitting duck.
Don’t be down on your luck.
No need to be feeling bad
when you miss all the things
you wish you could have back.
Don’t stare at your reflection
for too long. Change it up.
No need to replay the song.
Move on. Wake up and look
alive. Buy the ticket and enjoy
the ride. Know when to show
and when to hide. Look alive.
No need to slip into the night
when we can just take flight.

The Zoo in You

We are boxed in from the day we begin.

Living in exhibits created by others.

We are boxed in, both ladies and men.

It is the same for both fathers and mothers.

The one track mind stays on repeat

and no one seems to change the song.

We tried so hard to move our feet

but we failed to leave our seat.