All Rise

When we all rise,
it won’t be a surprise.
When we all rise,
we avoid what lies.
When we all rise,
we remove our disguise.
When we all rise,
we can see the sky.
We have risen
for many reasons.
We all will rise
during the seasons.
From the ground below,
I feel no sorrow.
We all will rise
today and tomorrow.
Nothing is easy
on this journey.
We all have fallen;
now, we all must rise.
Just look toward the sky
one more time.

Break the Ice

I’m on thin ice, just skating by.
I don’t ask why: just be nice.
I am skating by as birds fly;
I never skate the same line twice.
I glide so smooth as fish swim below.
I don’t break stride. I go with the flow.
I enjoy this ride only I will know.
I face the wind as it constantly blows.
The ice will break at some point.
All I know is I’ll be ready. I skate steady.
If the ice melts, I will not be scared.
If myself or you fall through, it’s only fair.
The sun is hot; I know the ice will break.
I’ll skate this ice until I make a mistake.

The State of Happy

I have traveled many miles to find this place:

To finally experience a new state of happy.

I left behind a life I couldn’t face

And searched for a world that better fit me.

The grass was greener on the other side,

So I jumped the fence to see for myself.

I made it over in plain daylight

And landed so gently with the grass’s help.

Bruised and tired, I completed my travel.

I fought off a monster and I faced a demon

Who helped me understand why I fought this battle-

Why I have suffered beyond reason.

The feelings I felt when I changed my ways

arrived so quickly and continued in waves.

I quickly moved forward and counted my days

Remembering why I moved to this place.

I don’t regret moving to a state of happy

For reasons that are hard to express.

I can now live freely with a light within me

That burns away any darkness that’s left.

Windy City

Against the odds, the tree stood strong in the wind

and continued to hold up, even against the humans.

For years, green leaves danced like two birds in love

during changing seasons, moving without reason

as sap slowly dripped down the rough side of the tree,

and without remedy, formed a steady stream.

The tree’s branches shot in every direction,

reaching and growing

at a slow rate, dictating a fate without even knowing

which way the wind was blowing.

Almost touching the sky, the tree has seen it all

and lived long enough to see many fall.

Wiser than ever, wrinkles riddled the tree’s skin

showing on-goers of a time back when.

Time has revealed its true course but the tree

remained eager, feeling more alive than ever.

But One cold day, chills filled the whole tree

and the singing birds were forced to leave

as the temperature dropped to a low degree

and snowflakes worked into the breeze.

The dancing leaves weaved trough

the air landing softly on the snowy ground

before shriveling up without a sound.

The bark on the tree fell off quickly and the branches

followed after causing my anger to grow faster.

Wind came and snow fell before life I mastered

But I can’t blame the earth for a natural disaster.