Don’t Know

I don’t know what you know.
I do know that I don’t know
what you have gone through.
You don’t know what I know.
Many don’t know how roses
grow out of concrete. I don’t
know how some people stay
on their feet. Some do know
how broken hearts can glow.
Most don’t know that it gets
much better. Life can change
much like the weather. We
don’t know that we can be
free. I don’t know exactly
when all will be well, but I
can tell that it will be soon.
Just like the suns and moons:
the forks and spoons; we live
knowing we need each other.
I know life is hard – unfair,
but to know that you care
helps me learn to be aware.

Boys Don’t Cry

Don’t believe me when I say
that boys don’t cry. They do.
Those who don’t cry need to.
The weight of tears will hold
you down. Release the tears
that have remained hidden
for all of these years. Boys
cry; so do men. Well, at least
they should. Life is heavy
within this setting. It is
unsettling when boys don’t
cry. Let it go; cry alone. Cry
now, later, or whenever –
whatever weather. Cry
because it is out of love.
Cry because you’re hurt.
Cry because you’re happy.
Let the tears drop, so that
the pain can stop. Just cry
because you have this life.


I blend into my environment.
I become one with it.
Leaves become a part of me.
I stay still as silence fills
the air that I breathe.
I can’t be seen. I know
when and where to show.
It’s by choice I hide –
concealing what’s inside.
In life, I leave the sight
of those who lack light.
I stay away during the day;
I become a star seen at night.

Death of an Ego

Yes, I have killed

the person I was

to become and build

a person I love.

Nightmares arrive

in the cold of the night

and make me feel

before the day’s light.

They keep coming back:

the visions of myself.

I fade to black;

There is no help.

I reach out to find

a person to face –

Scared and out of time,

I realize I’m alone in place.

I try hard to reel

in the feelings too real.

I forget how to feel

inside myself: a place to heal.

I may be lost,

but I had to leave.

No matter the cost,

my ego stays asleep.

What is this I

that others cherish?

Look inside and ask why

you started to parish.

I have to help

others use their eyes

live a life away from them self:

watch love double in size.

The life I notice

has changed for the better.

Impossible to show this,

I T Y P E O U T E A C H L E T T E R.

Life has changed,

I am no longer attached.

I am freed from this cage

as my ego relaxed.