Love doesn’t have to die. Don’t let
your light fade. Even if it flickers,
it’s still progress made. Think of
the steps you took. Look around.
Stay strong. Your light will shine,
or at least, glow. Love will grow.
I could be wrong, but who knows?
Allow the fire, from within, to burn
away any hate left on your plate.
Unleash the beast. Remove the leash.
Don’t lose that pep in your step.
Moving forward is your best bet.
Don’t rest until you feel your best.
Stay in the fight. You’re doing great.
Let your light illuminate the sky
before, during, and after the sunrise.

11:25 PM

Welcome to my 11:25:

Where voices fade to silent

And ideas become alive.

Where I access my mind

and notice place and time.

My feelings arise like waves

as the darkness screams fear

But 11:25 comes and saves

My delicate mind year after year.

Chest Peace

As my chest notices a familiar burn,

Waves of relief course through my veins.

Washing out pain and concern

As each inhale breaks my chains.

My memory fades from white to black

When clouds quickly escape lungs deflated.

Exiting a dark place exisiting in the back

Of my brain, the part most shaded.


Fire fills the city,

smoke fills the sky.

Shattered windows and hopes

Cover the ground

built on lies.

Eyes fixated on rubble

As feet stomp through

an unknown struggle.

Marching together

But in separate bubbles.

Looking for peace

But causing trouble.

Raising flags and fists

Reading different signs

Strong in a belief that fits

a different era and time.

Embracing the changes

Expanding the lines of wisdom.

Breaking out of pre made cages

Devoloped by a one man’s kingdom.

High hopes fill the air

surrounding lowered eyes,

For love is created to share

When the world loses size.

Smoke Signal

Calling in those who recognized it’s scent

The black sky cut up by puffy cloud formation

Those close enough know what it meant

A sigh is pushed out of a lungs temptation

Its grey shape filters any sunset

As perception fades, so does time

Did you get my signal?

If my signal fades, you’re in the right spot

Breathing air that is sold and bought

Other make sense of the this air I breathe

As smoke transcends into a world abyss

Saying anything, lasts as long as consumed air

Under smoke signals with the ones that care.