Fragile: Handle with Care

Like most things in the world,
I am fragile. I don’t want to be
damaged beyond repair. All
life is precious and delicate.
Some of us bend to no end.
Most bend till’ they break.
Some are happy as others
pretend. Handle with care.
I am fragile. I want to last:
no need for broken glass.
I assume others are fragile,
too. Only if the others knew.
Be careful with those you
hang around; they just might
break you down. Enjoy
the challenge of growing old.
Believe in your soul that
you can avoid some damage.
Be fragile: handle with care.
We all got crosses to bear.

Do Me a Solid

Can ya help me out?

It may be a lot

but hear me out,

you won’t get caught.

You need to face

feelings deep inside

and notice your place

and say you tried.

But don’t give in

When the world is mad,

See where you’ve been

and the fears you’ve had;

But just Do me a favor

and live inside out

as craziness occurs

take the right route.