No Worries

Heavy air leaves my mouth,

As I sigh and wonder ‘why’.

I deflate my chest before looking south;

I breathe so heavy up toward the sky.

I wonder and worry, but I’m in no hurry.

Time became rough, but I remain tough.

I sigh and I weep until the hour I sleep.

I feel so bad: the worst feeling to have.

I push on through this life so steep;

This breath I take won’t be my last.

I swim these waters blue and deep

And navigate unknowns without a map.

I aim and miss but still shoot for bliss.

I stumble and stare thru the thin air.

Broke and beat, I never take a seat

I worry a lot but I avoid defeat.

Take away my worries and all of my fears:

Remove my worries for the rest of my years.

Dance with the Devil

Lights. Camera. Action.

No time for relaxin’

As I spent a fraction

Of my life reacting.

Through my days,

I rely on a mood

That brings forth

My best attitude.

Now the process begins.

My name is yelled

And I present myself.

Silence fills the room

Eyes become wide.

But I don’t hide.

“Are you ready?”

Says the guy.

“Yes!” I cried.

Feeling alive,

I enter a room.

That just so happens

To be my tomb.

Shocked and confused,

I naturally refuse.

Tears drop like rain

And to my surprise,

I feel no pain.

I face the man

And see his eyes

And see a story 

Of my demise.

But I turn around,

Leaving after a minute

Because I realized

That I’m not finished.

The Gate

I approach the gate,

but I’m denied access.

I’m told to wait

and not be the fastest.

The voice echoes

off the rusty gate

and then determines

my very fate.

I wait in silence

much like that gate,

then I reach for the handle

a chance I’ll take.

My turn is now

through years of patience.

I still wonder

where the time went.

The doors swing open

and I’m the last one in.

But was this place different

from where I’ve been?

Others now stand

on the other side

as the gate closes

creating a divide.

I now look through

spaces in the gate

remembering what I knew

from an altered state.

Half / Life

Thoughts never come

full circle. Thoughts

seldom come; Half Circle.

Emotions consume

my entire being.

Emotions consume

all of what’s living

My energy is spent

wishing I understood.

My energy is spent

wishing I could.

Time speeds up

my everyday dreams.

Time speeds up

by any means.

My day is spent

loving others.

My day is spent

respecting borders.

My thoughts go round’

stopping halfway.

My thoughts go round’

for half a day.

So, complete my circle

and make me whole.

Complete my circle

and fill my soul.

Mission Complete

My energy faded thin

Moments before I fell

To a place few have been

With no breath to tell.

As I lay In the darkness, a light shines

On a face a fixated on shame

While thoughts of distorted times

Enter a brain developed by pain.

Before my mind turns on me

I look at the small light,

and gain the strength to see

that I shall be alright.