The Spiral

There are those who make laws
and those who break laws.
There are those who fall
in the middle: standing on
the thin line dividing the two.
Laws are made – and broke:
changed – rearranged -repealed.
There is man’s law, and there is
God’s law. The law of the land,
the law of attraction, the law
of inertia, or the law of cause
and effect are just some laws
in place to keep all life safe.
Both sides of the law form
a perfect circle: a cycle of sorts
that will continue to spiral.
Good will always be at war
with evil, and love will always
fight hate. Destiny will always
challenge fate. Lawmakers
will always need lawbreakers.
The vicious cycle goes full circle
regardless of the side we choose.

Break the Ice

I’m on thin ice, just skating by.
I don’t ask why: just be nice.
I am skating by as birds fly;
I never skate the same line twice.
I glide so smooth as fish swim below.
I don’t break stride. I go with the flow.
I enjoy this ride only I will know.
I face the wind as it constantly blows.
The ice will break at some point.
All I know is I’ll be ready. I skate steady.
If the ice melts, I will not be scared.
If myself or you fall through, it’s only fair.
The sun is hot; I know the ice will break.
I’ll skate this ice until I make a mistake.