Frozen Roses

It can be a cold world.
I don’t have to tell you
that. We know this.
Events, people, places
can stop us in our tracks.
It can get chilly. Life can
freeze almost all things:
just not time. Not this
time. We must carry
the warmth needed
to keep us heated.
We must survive this
snowstorm that keeps
most frozen. Pedals
from your frozen roses
remind me to find truth –
to remain warm: alive.
Your frozen roses remind
me to search and find
love I have left behind.

The Zoo in You

We are boxed in from the day we begin.

Living in exhibits created by others.

We are boxed in, both ladies and men.

It is the same for both fathers and mothers.

The one track mind stays on repeat

and no one seems to change the song.

We tried so hard to move our feet

but we failed to leave our seat.