Like a machine, I

serve a purpose;

To remember memories

that others forget.

Like a machine,

Often mistreated.

I work regardless,

never defeated.

Like a machine, I

fit the puzzle.

Just a piece,

another lost soul.

Like a machine, I

tend to slow down

to an easy pace,

quieting my sound.

Like a machine, I

try to be human.

Exhibit behaviors

others are doing.

Like a machine, I

Rely on touch.

Being used by someone

is never enough.

Like a machine, I

too rust.

I stay clean

before the dust.

Like a machine, I

need support.

Constant repairs,

no need to abort.

Like a machine, I

find my way.

Wishing to function

just another day.

Fear of the Forest

Most are scared

of big trees

and flying away

in the breeze.

While others venture

to unknowns

before finding

what is home.

The forest invites

those happy to try

and stays alive

when they fly.

The forest is dense

and can be empty

and the choice to enter

is all so tempting.

For life to be lived

the fear must pass

because in the forest

time doesn’t last.

Back Words / Backwards

Upfront, the words pierce

like razor-blades in a mouth.

But behind the words,

the truth remains about

The surface shows little

about the past we’ve seen

and it doesn’t reveal

what we mean.

The words come out

when we’re not sure.

but behind the words

is a soul full and pure

We go backward to

see the past,

But lose the present

moving too fast.

But we speak honestly

and from inside as

the surface reveals

what does not hide.