Down in Flames

Fight fire with fire. See
the flames kiss the sky.
Watch the sparks fly.
Feel the temperature
rise as cold weather
dies. Think back to
a time when the clouds
cried. Feel the heat
rip like a baseball
hitting a catcher’s mitt.
Poison swirls inside
a dormant mind.
Love stays on
the brain as hate
goes down the drain.
When life knocks,
do not be afraid
to open the door.
When the heat rises,
try not to go down
in flames. Save your-
self. Ask for help
before you strike
matches that will
turn all into ashes.

Upside Down

Life has turned upside down.
The king has lost his crown.
The skies turned grey. The light
blinded those who could not
look away. Time still escapes
youthful hands every single day.
The ground is falling upwards.
The sky stayed beneath the feet
of those who never took a seat.
Worlds can turn upside down,
but adjustments can be made.
Life is a hard game we all play.
Some win. Some lose. Some
live to die. Some die to live.
Life’s gift is the time it gives.

Stay Strong

During these times, we must stay
strong. Those who come along
must adjust – knock off the rust.
When the foundation is weak,
humanity’s future seems bleak.
The stronger we are right now
will, somehow, help us breathe
in times of need. Small seeds
need strong sources of water,
sunlight, and soil. To grow up
means to show up when things
blow up. In this life, we must
nurture the young and teach
them right from wrong. Long
story short: when life pushes,
we have to push back and be
strong before any surrender.
Stay strong and live your life
just how all days turn to night.

Writing in the Rain

Rain dropped from the rooftops.
Some brought their umbrellas.
Others couldn’t see the rain coming.
People couldn’t handle being wet,
yet this is where their life was set.
For a second, everybody felt
the same way about something.
Rain touched every person there.
As others felt the rain turn to pain,
I wanted to write in the rain –
to wash away any stains.
I wrote in the rain and got soaked;
Writing in the rain helped me grow.
I felt ease with the rainy breeze.
I knew I was different; You did too.
My paper got wet; I didn’t stop.
I wanted to feel every raindrop.
I wanted to feel the rain as I knew
the rain would pass. It didn’t last.
Not before long, the rain stopped.
The sun arrived after some time.
My wet clothes dried quickly.
I looked down at my clothes;
I felt happy to see and know
the rain washed away my stains.