Because of my past, I see
a world unique to me.
Because of my experience,
I have seen life from
the other side of the fence.
Because of the times I hurt,
I learned to be aware: alert.
Because of the times of joy,
I rebuild people, places,
and hope once destroyed.
Because of the past pain,
I learned to train my brain,
and welcome pouring rain.
Because of the steep slope,
I found new ways to cope.
Because of the challenge,
I have found my balance.
Because of people like you,
I know to push on through.


What is crazy? Who is crazy?
Most people will say different
things. I’m crazy; you’re crazy.
It’s just a word – a crazy word.
We live in a crazy world.
How could we not be crazy?
Maybe those who think others
are crazy are crazy themselves.
Don’t call people crazy because,
maybe, you might make
them believe it. They might be
lost inside a place we can’t see.
I find it crazy that we live in
a world where being crazy is
crazy. It’s crazy. Have I drove
you crazy yet? I bet you were
crazy before you read that.
I’m joking. I must be crazy
to think that. Crazy enough,
we’re not crazy. We’re just
navigating a real daydream.


Genre-Bender, a true game changer

With touches of spice and pinches of seasoning,

Developed in a person hiding in danger

To create a new genre with no reasoning.

Why must a sound hit every ear the same?

To make one hear the normal created.

She held back an identity not easily tamed

To function in a world not so shaded.

As her sound waves exited the stereo,

I appreciated her genre,

The parts that made her sound different.

and the notes she hit that reminded me

Of my mamma.

When the song ended, I realized

her purpose and my stereo-type.

Her antennas told a story of personal demise

Yet her sound was so ripe.

I cannot listen to just one song of hers

Because it reveals a life quite mixed

And I cannot open just a few doors

As her genre enters a heart now fixed.